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Down N’ Out is a new, faster absorbing liquid formula that helps you get a full night’s sleep when you need it most. After a long day you may need a little extra help to get the shut eye you deserve.

The scientists here at Infowars Life formulated Down N’ Out to improve upon our best-selling Knockout formula. We’ve achieved a faster absorbing product by moving to a pure liquid form. Now the herbs and melatonin are extracted directly into the glycerin solution so the ingredients are already dissolved into the formula before you even take it. 

Down N’ Out is powered by 4mg of Melatonin and four sleep-support herbs:

  • German Chamomile: Traditionally used since pre-historic times as a bedtime tea to calm the nerves and promote a healthy sleep pattern. *
  • Lemon Balm: Another traditional tea used for thousands of years to help soothe one's mind before bedtime. *
  • Valerian Root Extract: Traditionally used as far back as ancient Greece and Rome as a medicinal herb, a prominent Greek physician Galen of Pergamon used for occasional sleeplessness.*
  • Passion Flower: Traditionally used by native Americans including the Cherokee, this herb has been used for centuries known for its relaxing herbal qualities. In recent centuries this herb has gained popularity from modern European studies. *
  • Melatonin: A hormone made by the pineal gland that is absolutely essential in the function of controlling sleep and wake cycles. Foods like meats and fruits contain melatonin in very small amounts. *
  • When the sun goes down let Infowars Life Down N’ Out help support you in getting the rest you need. Feel the difference with this liquid formula. Feel the difference of a better night’s rest!

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